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tv   Eyewitness News Morning Weekend  CBS  July 31, 2011 8:00am-9:00am EDT

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>> coming up next on eyewitness news. >> marylanders are fed up and they say it's time to push the politics aside and reach a deal now. coming up. a shooting leaves one man dead. the latest on the other victim and the search for the shooter. a multimillion dollar facelift. detail of a major project to bring businesses back. will our good luck continues for another day. meteorologists tim williams have the forecast. eyewitness news sunday morning starts now.
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>> good morning. welcome to eyewitness news this sunday i'm gigi barnett. >> i'm tim williams temperatures are in the upper 60s and 70s across the region. it's really a comfortable day start. it a delightful day shaping up here in maryland. the horizon is bright and the humidity is making for a comfortable start. we're getting a little bit of a north influence when the winds are blowing. temperatures today going up into the low 90s. this is the first time we've seen this happen. look at the heat index. the heat index 72. lately, the heat index has been several degrees higher even around 8:00 in the morning. our temperatures will not soar today. partly sunny with overnight low down to about 62 degrees.
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we'll have complete forecast. thank you tim. now here is what people are talking about this morning. 72 hours and counting. that's how long lawmakers on capitol hill have to work out a deal to raise the debt ceiling. jessica is reporting with the latest on the negotiations. >> reporter: negotiations at the white house saturday night led to an outline of a compromise deal to raise the debt ceiling. sources tell cbs news the proposal will increase the debt ceiling by $2.4 trillion include two sets of spending cuts and call for a balanced budget amendment. senate majority leader harry reid proposed a vote. >> i believe we should give everyone as much room as possible to do their work. >> i'm confident and optimistic. >> reporter: the senate will reconvene sunday afternoon for a test
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vote on senate majority leader reid's proposals. it up gives the president the ability to raise the debt ceiling if three steps. requires the backing of at least seven republicans. 43 signed a letter rejecting the measure. >> this bill doesn't come close to solving the problem. >> reporter: congress pledges to work through the weekend. if both sides can't reach agreement by tuesday, the government said it won't be able to pay all of its bills. that could jeopardize social security checks veteran's benefits and hurt the economy. president obama is still confident that won't happen. there there are plenty of ways out of the this mess? >> reporter: all sides have two days to work out their differences. in washington jessica stone for wjz, eyewitness news. >> as the clock ticks down with no deal established. sign of government default have many people worried and angry. our coverage of the debt crisis continues now
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with weija jiang. >> reporter: good morning everyone, in marylanders are angry and they say it's time to push the politics aside. as each moment brings the country closer to the 11th hour of the debt deadline marylanders are sounding off. >> we are suppose to work together. it's so depressing. our government has to shut down. i'm worried. >> it's not helping any of us. we should be suspending on them. >> reporter: that includes local lawmakers who only seem to agree on one thing, hashing on a deal is the only option. many republicans don't want to raise taxes on the wealthy. >> we just turned down senator reid's bill today because it was smoke and mirrors. america is tired of budget tricks. >> what they have said is, we
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just want to cut, cut, cut. for statewide in maryland, it would affect us tremendously. everything from police officers to teachers to food inspection. >> reporter: to the 1.6 marylanders on medicare and medicaid and 850,000 on social security. there are thousand of marylanders who are federal workers. >> it's a waste. we're suffering. >> reporter: federal taxpayers say the real problem is politics. >> many need to be reelected. they beholden to subset of their political party, which is crazy. >> reporter: representative cummings say the serious tumble over the stock market is just a sign troubles to come. weija jiang. wjz, eyewitness news. wjz will keep following the debt debate. it has been a violent
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weekend in baltimore city. police are investigating several shootings that left one person dead. the most serious happened on the 4800 block of bowland avenue. a 31-year-old man died. police say he was one of three people shot in that location but the other victims are expected to survive. no arrests have been made. and elsewhere in northeast baltimore a 15-year-old girl was rushed to the hospital as she was shot in the knee. according detectives the girl said the shooting was an accident. doctors say she should be okay. investigators are looking for answers after flames sweeped through a home in south baltimore. it happened saturday afternoon in the 3900 block of 4th street. investigators believe the fire started on the bark porch and then spread through the house quickly. everyone made it out safely. they say good things come to those who wait and baltimore county leaders say the weight is over on a
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multimillion dollar construction project in owings mill. >> reporter: it's a case to build it and they will come. that's why baltimore county leaders are redoubling their efforts. this week the ground breaking finally came. >> i know that we are all okay with having grown old waiting for this building. but we're glad not to have grow very old to wait for this building. >> reporter: it's called owings mills metro building that will body 120,000 square feet and it's snugged between the owings mills metro station and the mall. also planned the county's largest library branch. the price tag is $30 million. >> this is a great addition to owings mill. not simply because of the
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resources that it brings here because of the energy it's going to give to this community. >> reporter: right now, economist say owings mills is in an economic slump. it's malls lost dozens of stores. business owners say the train means easy access to the area and the attraction to the metro center will spill over to the mall. >> that will bring traffic here during the period of the day which may want otherwise be utilizing the parking lot. that's an added benefit to this particular project. >> the county also said the facility will be a green one and community college. the grand opening set for 2013. turning to sports. one day made a big difference. after beating the yanks, orioles watches the yanks pull var rise. new york just continues to rack up 12 runs in
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the first inning alone. that's a team record. the o's go on to lose this one 17-3. oh well. we will wrap up this series with the new york yankees this afternoon and you can see the game live right here on wjz. 1:00 p.m. is the first pitch. >> you see the final score, did they not go home crying? >> our producer malachi is a die hard yankee fan. >> good point tim. >> come on. kind of a team is that? 17 after you hit 12. >> really. >> give me a break. orioles did well and stopped at 17. good grief. you know, we don't
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cry. we find the bright side. we are looking a at a bright side with our weather today. it was a really nice day yesterday. did you enjoy yesterday? >> it was a good day. i'm trying to think what did i do. i can't remember. >> that's a good weekend. when you can't remember with you did. wow, -- when you can't remember what you did. we are looking at a pretty decent day. much like yesterday, the humidity level is low. we're still focused on the stadium just to the left it's going to be a week from yesterday that you'll be able to see the ravens on the playing field taking on themselves. it's going to be an open practice for the public. it will be first shot at the 2011 ravens team. we're looking at temperatures still pretty warm. that's going to make for a pretty conform feel as we move into -- comfortable feel as we move into first
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few days of august. august begins tomorrow. of 78 degrees now. relative humidity 68% and northwesterly winds 6 miles per hour. 68 in cumberland. it's been a wonderful weekend ocean city. water temperature still in the 70s. 60s across the top tier of the state in bel air we have mid-to upper 72s. near annapolis and temperatures finally in the 20 degrees range. it's pretty calm around central maryland. front that was drape across the state all the way back to midwest yesterday starting to push down to the south. with it all the rains and disturbs that
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was riding along that front. they are well to our south now. we have high pressure building in, bringing us all of these nice clear conditions and the cooler air and ises -- we'll have a few chances of showers through the end of the week, in the meantime, we don't really have any disturbances in our immediate future. our sun rise today at 6:08. there's an east wood on the bay. so our forecast today shapes up to 92 degrees. look for partly sunny conditions with just a nice delightful day. 68 degrees tonight and then tomorrow up again to about 94, hot with times of clouds and sun. for your 5 days, we're looking at 92 on tuesday and 95 on
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wednesday and 90 on friday. sunday morning, now you see it and now you don't. see how some clever thieves tried pull you have unusual heist in miami. it was up and down night at the game. you got to see what happened with the big laugh coming up. first here is the saturday's winning lottery numbers. good luck. stick around. stick around. ,,,,,,,,
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. >> welcome back to eyewitness news on this sunday morning. taking a look what i think maybe the enchantment of the sea. i'm not certain. folks either getting off or coming home from a nice trip or getting ready to get on and heading out what will be a nice one. we've watched tropical storm don come and go. now it's just the remnant of don. now don in the southern tips of texas and mexico. there are no tropical storms active out in the atlantic. if you happen to be down in ocean city, forecast nice, 88 degrees
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and sun and water temperature at 75 degrees. our forecast for today, you're looking at temperatures around 92 degrees and partly sunny skies. overnight lows down around 68 degrees. it's magically just appearing there. we'll have your complete forecast coming up in a few moments. now back to some other stories people are talking about this morning. investigators in south america are now recovering from the data recorder from a plane that broke apart. officials say the runway was wet. in spite all of that damage all 163 people on board survived. two men in miami are behind bar this morning after they tried to pull off an unusual blushry. take a look at this --
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burglary. men stole alcohol after breaking into the wall of that business. security cameras cause some of the action as the bottle seem to disappear from the shelves. the men were nabbed when they tried to carry all of those bottles back home. a broken leg may stop a man from driving in a race. barely a day after breaking his leg during the x-game. the maryland native was strapped in a rally car. now since he can't use the peddles with that foot, he's using a car with hand controls acceleration. meanwhile the x-game continues in los angeles last night with shawn white showing everyone why he's olympic gold medalist. when the weather is nice
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outside, many people like to unwind with a game of basketball. some of the very best players will be in drew hill park today. >> the park legend 8th annual summertime basketball tournament is kicking patch wjz is live at -- off wjz is live. >> coach mike marks. tell us more about this tournament. >> it was based on a lot of the guys that play ball here at drew hill park. we was think being everybody else doing a tournament, we decided let's do something for the park. all of the other parks were having a little functions. we decided to do something here at the park. you got the best view in the city. all a sudden, we came up with a idea and we had little help from every guys and every corporation and it turned into a big event. >> this is not just a pick-up game. this is something serious. you guys take this
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seriously? >> oh girl, we take it seriously. bring your a-game or go home. >> coach, everybody thinks that they have game. everybody wants to come and be a weekend warrior, everybody they they could have been in the nba. what makes the players out here on this tournament different than just the average guy. >> number one, we have a lot of kids here and parents play here. they trying to be tough like their parents and everybody got a point to prove. when the nba playoffs was on, it messes up. everybody out here thought -- what's the guy for dallas name -- dirk, everybody thought they were dirk. >> coach, before we go, how can folks take part? tell us quickly. >> all i can say people can
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come here and enjoy the moment for what we are doing this for. bring your family out here. we're having a picnic. we're having free food for the kids. we have little babies playing to the next level all the way up to unlimited. all the way at the end, we have the old school game. >> that's a serious day out there. thank you very much coach michael marks. enjoy your game. you have a good weather day out there. hopefully stokes will stay hydrated. >> you got that, i want to thank you guys for being with us for the last 7 or 8 years. you all been special to us and we love you guys. you guys were the number one people that started us from the start and we love you all. >> always a pleasure coach. we will check back with you in 20 minutes. >> i like him.
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a local boxer puts up the ultimate fight it beat criminal stories. that story just ahead on eyewitness news. do off a favorite blog? wjz is looking for the best in our most valuable blog contest. you can nominate your favorite blog or your own in these categories. you will have dining, entertainment, sports, health, fitness, medical, local affairs, pop culture and of course everything else. the blogs with the most votes will win a $50 gift card from ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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. >> five days of first warning weather. 94 on tomorrow and up to 95 on wednesday and down to 89 on thursday. normal highs on this date is now 87. we're starting to go down a little bit and 90 on friday with low humanity. imagine spending 7 months of your life at a baltimore city jail for a crime you did not commit. >> that's what happened to teen boxer deon johnson. he's now in the fight for his life. >> reporter: 17-year-old deon johnson of west want is on the path to -- west baltimore is on the path to summer olympics.
8:26 am
in 2009 deon is badded hurt in an incident with city police. he accused officers of knocking him off a dirt bike. deon sues the officers, wins a court battle and a $42,000 settlement with city police. as deon was recovering hoping to get back, he said he was sucker punched. city cops arrested him he of his attorney claims the arrest was direct retaliation for victory in the bike incident. >> i was appalled. it was the most disgusting charge. from a baltimore city police officer. >> reporter: deon claimed officers taunted him about the money he had won saying he will never get out of prison to spend it. >> they tried to interview me. they was talking about my lawsuit situation. i already knew from there, how it was
8:27 am
going from that situation. >> officers who investigated mr. johnson, acted more like mobsters. >> reporter: for 7 long months deon was out the ring. away from his family, he missed the birth of his daughter. shortly after deon's arrest a witness and victim both said the shooter was not deon. the case against him i was unravelling. >> they was trying to destroy this young man. they was trying to destroy his career. they were trying to destroy him as a father, as friend, as a son. >> reporter: then on monday, july 11th, the morning of deon's trial prosecutors dropped all charms. how does it feel to be a free man? >> best thing in my life. i goat see my family, -- i get to see my family and my daughter. >> he suffering tremendously. it wasn't a single day that he was in there
8:28 am
where it was just okay to be in there. everyday of being in prison was a living hell. >> reporter: wjz, eyewitness news. and despite repeated calls, city police didn't comment on this story. >> so much more to come on eyewitness news sunday morning. it was late night ton capitol hill but still no deal on the rising debt ceiling. >> why many citizens say enough is enough. if you can't bet them join them. the brand new electronic device ,,,,
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. >> welcome back to eyewitness news sunday morning i'm gigi barnett. >> i'm tim williams. we're looking at a nice day shaping up much like yesterday. we get all the heat that we typically expect for this time of summer. we don't have all the humidity. that's going to be pretty much the trend as you take a look at a pretty nice -- we're looking a the cruise ship coming in and going and all the folks getting ready for their departures. but it's pretty nice weather here. i don't think people will be disappointed. temperatures going up into the 90-degree range here. we're at 78 now.
8:32 am
the temperature is not really affected too much by the dew point. it is in the moderate range. the actual heat index only 2 degrees higher and it still will be comfortable today. tonight going down to about 68 degrees with mostly clear condition. we'll have the complete forecast coming up. here is what people are talking about this morning. the clock is ticking and congressional lawmakers worked late into last night but once again fail to reach a deal. the deadlock is angering people who saying political posturing is getting in the way of compromise. analyst say the u.s. would not be able to pay its bills if they cannot come a compromise. lawmakers insist that progress is being made. >> there's still a distance to go before any arrangement can be completed. but i believe we should give everyone as much room as possible to do their work. >> i'm confident and optimistic
8:33 am
that we're going to get an agreement in the very near future. >> wjz will keep following the debt debate. we'll let you know as soon as there's a deal in washington. police in norway a finding out new information about the massacre that killed 77 people there. the suspect has now confessed that he even had more killings in mind. susan reports. >> reporter: norwegians gathered today in a scare in oslo for a concert commemorating the victims. friday police questioned accused mass murderer breivk. >> he was willing to cooperate and he's calm and more than willing to
8:34 am
explain himself. >> reporter: antimuslim extremist say he intended to plant many more bombs and head of the office of prime minster labor party as targets. 77 people died. one in oslo where he set off a bomb outside of government offices the other on utoya island. meanwhile, flags fly, and norwegians are repairing buildings and mourning the dead even as they respond to the evil with words of kindness. >> the notion that you need this disaster and reconciliation and peaceful messages. >> reporter: police say they'll continue to interview breivik and plan to draw final conditionses in
8:35 am
-- final conclusion. back mir the u.s. -- back here in the u.s. there's a push to find out who killed the nephew of elijah cummings. all of the money raised will go to reward for information leading to capture of his killers the 20-year-old was shot to death last month. it has been a busy weekend for water rescue teams in our your and anne arundel search teams will be back at rivera beach. and in southeast baltimore, firefighters rushed to save people on a board of a sinking boat. it happened saturday morning. you can see the boat is almost completely under
8:36 am
water. police say no one -- one of the trash city collectors was nearby and already pulled everybody from the water. no unwas injured. get ready for a big change in the way you read books at city libraries. mike explains the pratt is embracing some new technology. >> reporter: check in and check out maybe electronic but the books themselves, they are books actually books. made of paper. sure you can get an audio book of some titles but the words on the page, dominates the physical space in most libraries. but this could change all of that. >> we asked the question all along, what's going to happen with libraries and ereaders. we decided to brace it. >> reporter: there are only one a few libraries to do so.
8:37 am
these books can be loaded up by the library. at $250 a piece, they are being given out by anyone with a library card. >> if you don't return it in a particular time, you will be responsible. >> reporter: each book comes with 22 books loaded on it. you can't change it or order something different. >> we can't deny one day there will be a special section. people can take whatever book they want and walk out with it. >> reporter: you can't get these just wait and you will have to wait until august 10. wjz, eyewitness news. back to you. at first the ereader program will only be available at the waverly library. football news. old ravens rival got some good news.
8:38 am
former player, ochocinco gets his old number. he reportedly gave it as a welcome gift. now it will stay ochocinco and he will wear 85. i guess you big dummy doesn't show up. >> it will say you big dumb. >> he's a character. we were talking, it will be less than a week now, next saturday, you will be able to see our ravens on the playing field. we'll be talking about that i think 10:00 a.m. happy about that. happy about the forecast going into next week t should be a pretty nice weekend. temperatures are trending pretty much to the low 90s and it's going to be just come all week long. about -- comfortable all week
8:39 am
long. even with pads and helmet, it should be a nice day even for the team down there. 78 degrees now, and 65 is your dew point. relative humidity can 64% and northwesterly wind at 6 miles per hour. 71 in haggerstown and 70 in oakland. we have temperatures in the 70 across the northern tier of the state. and then 80 and low 80s across the southern edge of our viewing area. the winds have been coming in from the north and that's bringing in cooler drier air and high pressure. we had two different high pressure systems one to our south and that's been helping bring in warmer air and one to the north that's bringing in cooler and drier area. that front has pushed through the region and now it's allowing the north
8:40 am
flow to dominate our forecast. less humid air is building in the great lakes. we will have a chance of showers by thursday into friday, temperatures will drop again. it's hard to say that but we are. we are going to see again, less heat and no drastic spikes in temperatures. we're nowhere near the triple digits. your sunset today is 8:19 and east wind on the bay is 5. 92 degrees today with partly sunny conditions. for tomorrow, coming up into again into the 94 and with heat building in. and 92 on tuesday, 95 on wednesday. >> still ahead on eyewitness news sunday morning, the best of the best.
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it's almost time for the annual best of baltimore magazine. >> managing editor max weiss is here to give us a peek behind the issue. . some best players around are ,,,,,,,,
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. >> beautiful day. we're looking out live over the stadium. 78 degrees, sunny and nice in baltimore. welcome back to eyewitness news sunday morning. call it a homecoming game, some of the best players produced some local basketball programs are getting together for a big day of fun. >> it's time for the annual park legend basketball summit it's at drew park. we're live with trina and she is with donte' west who's son is a very important figure to play in tournament good morning. >> telos about orin webb. -- tell us about mr. webb? >> he is our leader for the last 10 years here. unfortunately, we lost him last
8:45 am
december to pancreatic cancer. >> all right. >> donte', your dad was very important with this tournament. what is it like for you to seal of these people come out in an event for his memory? >> well, it's very appealing to me to see all of these people come out and show their love for my dad. i'm really happy to see the outcome. >> these folks are doing something very positive. of course keeping some dreams alive out there. one of the basketball star and some who will be basketball stars. good to see that for you? >> yes. we had many stars that came through this program. a lot of college players. a lot of professional players and they come ought every summer to join in, have fun and during air tournament session. it's great. we always glad to see everyone come back from school and we also
8:46 am
try to get everyone back ready for school. we have many little kids. we have them from the age of five. >> folks watching this morning and they say i want to go out there and play, how can they do that? >> they are welcome to come out. we are here all day from 8:00 to 8:00. they are more than welcome to come. free food, free give away to perch. >> bring the kids. >> thank you both very much. trina and donte' west, good luck at your event. we will see you and thank you for being with us this morning. >> thank you very much. still to come on eyewitness news sunday morning, there are lots of places to get a drink, get a good meal. if you are looking for the best, you may want to consult baltimore
8:47 am
magazine. we will talk to lady behind the issue, max weiss, coming up just a moment. ,,,,,,,,,,,,
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8:50 am
with the orioles on our cover. >> that is so cool though. always such a fun issue for you. we were talking about, if you, yourself is a favorite of best of best categories and you say -- >> they are all my babies basically. there's buzz in the office. when the best stuff comes out, is that little extra bit. this is the issue sort of our croning achievement of the year. this one, we kind of outbid ourselves. >> who made the list? >> i don't want to reveal it all. the thing we did differently this year, we picked the best things we have found throughout the course of the year. it's old favorites as well as some new things as well. but the thing this year, we add top ten list and top five list. in the past, we pick a best
8:51 am
burger and now it's the ten best burger. it's great for baltimore and great for businesses and it's great for you and now you have -- the number one best burger is cooper's cabin. the number two is city cafe and it's a turkey burger people. i think the fact that a turkey burger -- and then we have ten best cup cakes. >> lot of cup cake places around. >> i'm not going to complain about that. hotdog is a really big thing. of course, our normal stuff, art, and service and indulge and spas and salons and things like that and shopping. again, the food tends to be the thing that people are really grab on to. photography i think is particularly stunning in this issue. >> that's actually on the
8:52 am
newsstands now? >> it's on newsstands and starting on friday. the readers poll is available online. >> speaking of online, we are doing a contest on for the best bloggers. >> we just started a relatively new blog called the chatter, which is like a water cooler kind of catch-all of topics. all of the endtors contribute to that. we have our food blog, which is very on top of all of the food stuff. i do a film blog and movie reviews. open we have a night blog. we're just blogging bananas. >> there's a way you guys will kickoff. you guys will have a party too? >> yes, our big party is august 18th. when you have a party called the best party, you sort of have to have it a party. all ticket information is available
8:53 am
on our facebook page as well as >> one thing we've been following every week is the grand prix. >> there was a huge story it's called the fast and the furious. the fast, that will be the cars and the furious, that will be the commuters. mike wrote a story and basically, what does the grand prix look like and sound like and smell like and it is going to be worth all the headache. when you finish reading this story, you will have a feeling maybe it is worth the headache. we are launching a new column with this issue and it's by a name people in baltimore know and that's michael olesker and it's called afterward.
8:54 am
thanks guys. >> thank you. i will be back with five day first warn forecast coming up. ,,,,,,,,,,
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. >> looking for 92 degrees today. 94 tomorrow, 89 and all low humidity. >> we're joined back with max weiss from baltimore magazine. you said food trucks is featured. >> i am so jealous of the other cities that have the food truck thing happening. baltimore, we have our own food truck. we have this story in this issue where we introduce you to the various food trucks and tell you the recipes as well. and you got to follow these things on twitter. >> you can't make us fat. >> news director, chris, was into this food truck menu. waffle cones with macaroni
8:57 am
and cheese and bacon bits. >> thank you very much for joining us. >> we'll see you next saturday another good thing about geico is, they've got, like, real live people working there 24/7. so like say you need to report a claim, alright. a real person will be there to help you. then you can use to view photos of the damage, track your claim, print an estimate. you want an english muffin? they literally hand you a toasted muffin with butter and jam. (sigh) whaa. tasty. that's, that's a complete dramatization of course, but you get my point. vo: geico 15 minutes could save you 15% or more on car insurance.
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